Central SMT

Midis and Minis

Never a high-profile part of the company's operations, Central ran a small fleet of midi- and mini-buses from the 1970s onwards. Initially, they were an attempt to find a vehicle for local services in East Kilbride, which ventured off the main roads and were therefore not suitable for full-size buses. Hence some very surprising arrivals, for example some small Bedford buses that had started life with MacBraynes! The final acquisitions for EK Locals, the Leyland Cubs, are shown under the Single-deck Buses section.

With the onset of deregulation in 1986, Central acquired its first fleet of minibuses as a competitive weapon. Again based at East Kilbride, these were later used on Hamilton local services, following closure of the remaining depot in that town. In this connection, they wore a green-based Little Chief livery, a variation of the EK Chieftain local identity adopted in 1989.

CS1-2Chassis Bedford VAS1Built 1963
Bodywork Duple Northern B28F (CS1) or B29F (CS2)
(ex-Highland 1973, new to  Macbraynes)
1 847HUS2 849HUS   
CS3-4Chassis Bedford VAS5Built 1973
Bodywork Duple C27F
3 NGM863M4 NGM864M   
CS5Chassis Bedford VAS1Built 1963
Bodywork Duple Northern B29F
(ex-Highland 1974, new to  Macbraynes)
5 845HUS    
CS6-7Chassis Bedford VAS5Built 1974
Bodywork Duple C27F
6 KGG718N5 KGG719N   
CS8Chassis Bedford VAS (?)Built 1967 (?)
Bodywork Duple C27F (?)
8 TUS349G    
FS1-3Chassis Ford AO609Built 1976/80
Bodywork Alexander (Belfast) B27F
(FS1 from Alexander (Belfast) in 1978, ex-demonstrator)
1 BUS347S2 RUS815W3 SUS265W  
R1-17Chassis Dodge S56Built 1986
Bodywork Alexander AM B21F
1 D301MHS5 D305MHS9 D309MHS12 D312MHS15 D315MHS
2 D302MHS6 D306MHS10 D310MHS13 D313MHS16 D316MHS
3 D303MHS7 D307MHS11 D311MHS14 D314MHS17 D317MHS
4 D304MHS8 D308MHS   
R18-31Chassis Dodge S56Built 1987
Bodywork Alexander AM B25F
18 D818RYS21 D821RYS24 D824RYS27 D827RYS30 D830RYS
19 D819RYS22 D822RYS25 D825RYS28 D828RYS31 D831RYS
20 D820RYS23 D823RYS26 D826RYS29 D829RYS