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Central in Print

This is section is a guide to Central SMT references in print, whether books, published articles, etc.


Name / Description
2009Not in Service, Douglas G MacDonald (The History Press, 978-0-7524-5083-4)

Captioned photos of B139 and B87   *** READ MY REVIEW ***

2004Streets of Glasgow, Alan Millar (Ian Allan, 0-7110-2994-6)

Pictures of H46, T35, L420, Waterloo St Bus Station, L442, L608, L284, all with informative captions

2003Lanarkshire Buses, Douglas G MacDonald (Tempus, 0-7524-2805-5)

Chapter on CSMT, concentrating on the 50s, 60s and 70s   *** READ MY REVIEW ***

2003Scottish Buses - A Colour Portfolio, Gavin Booth (Ian Allan, 0-7110-2951-2)

Pictures of D2 (Dominator - twice), DD8, BL335 and a Fleetline   *** READ MY REVIEW ***

2002Streets of Edinburgh, Gavin Booth (Ian Allan, 0-7110-2866-4)

Picture of TS2

2001Buses Yearbook 2002, Stewart J Brown (Ian Allan, 0-7110-2804-4)

Picture of LT57 with First, BL335 with Stagecoach

2000Glory Days - Scottish Bus Group, Gavin Booth (Ian Allan, 0-7110-2710-2)

History of SMT Group; Short description of company; Short section on vehicle policy; Pictures of T72 (Tiger TS1), M2 (in London!), HR1, DD5, L331,L494, HL191, BE227, BE370, A22, D8 (Fleetline), another Fleetline, FS2, R18, a Leopard, T18, A20 and D11 (Dominator)

1998The Heyday of the Bus - Scotland, Gavin Booth (Ian Allan, 0-7110-2558-4)

Pictures of L222,L522, HR1, D26 (Fleetline) and a Lodekka FS

1998Around Scotland by Bus, Robert Grieves (Bus Enthusiast Publishing Company, 0-9462-6528-3)

7 pages of photos, including T124 (Tiger), E1, H37, L354, B20, B79, BL281, M2, W41, K29

1997Classic Bus Yearbook 3, Gavin Booth (Ian Allan, 0-7110-2509-6)

John Whittle's recollections of Central SMT in the 1950s and 1960s

1985British PTEs : Strathclyde, Alan Millar (Ian Allan, 0-7110-1527-9)

Many references during PTE years; Pictures of L324, K50, an LD and Leopard at Shotts, CS2 and CS5, D22 (Fleetline, with Midland), D12 (Fleetline, with Eastern), T238, D42, DD2

1985The Bristol Lodekka, David G Savage (Oxford Publishing Company, 0-8609-3338-5)

'Whilst not intended to be a technical handbook, this volume gathers together a selection of photographs of most types of Lodekka […]' (From the Introduction).

Bristol LD, B12; Bristol LD, B1; Bristol LD, B125; Bristol FSF, B162; Bristol FS, B191; Bristol FLF, BE238; Bristol FLF, BE368; Bristol FSF, B138.

1984Focus on Bristol Lodekka, Keith A Jenkinson (Autobus Review Publications, 0-9078-3407-8)

Pictures of B3, B4, B46, B67, B110, B127, unidentified FLF chassis for Central SMT, BL274, BL282 ... read more

1983The British Bus Today and Tomorrow, Gavin Booth (Ian Allan, 0-7110-1296-2)

Picture of D6 (Dominator), BE233 + Fleetline, D1 (Dominator)

1982Fare Stage magazine, Vol 4 No 5 Mar/Apr 1982 (cover price 80p) (Autobus Review, ISSN 0143-9170)

Article : 'The Bristol Lodekka FSF Series', by Richard J. Bellingham, pp.132-4.

No photos but mention of Central being the FSF's largest operator - with 48 - and them being the recipients of all of the fifth and final sanction. 'The final chassis number was 215.011 which became FGM 170 (B170) during 1963'. [p.132].

1980Eastern Scottish, John Burnett (Turntable Publications)

Pictures of  L237/241-2/47 and B144, all with Eastern 

1980Fare Stage magazine, Vol 3 No 2 Sep/Oct 1980 (cover price 80p) (Autobus Review, ISSN 0143-9170)

Article : 'The Bristol Lodekka LD Series', by R.J. Bellingham, pp.34-38.

B46 (GM7646) 'with the rear end style ['church window'] that was fitted to allow easy modification to an enclosed platform type' [photo by G. Waugh]; B127 (CGM 127) 'a 1961 LD with the original body style of open platform' [photo G. Waugh]; B110 (BGM 110) 'a 1960 LD with enclosed platform and manually operated doors. No LDs received power-operated rear doors' [photo G. Waugh]. Reference is made on p.36 of the coach bodies on B20-5.

1978Buses in Camera Scotland, Gavin Booth (Ian Allan, 0-7110-0879-5)

Short history of Scottish Bus Group; 5 pages of photos, including L4, L96, W24, W21, H47, K26, K45, L468, L631, B159, B185, BN331

1975The Central S.M.T. Company Limited, PSV Circle / Omnibus Society, February 1975 (Publication PM2)

Draft written by David Gray; records obtained from James Blair)

The indispensable, definitive, fleet history. Photos of Leyland TD4, L35; Leyland TS 7, T59; Leyland TS7T, G10; Leyland TD4, L212; Leyland TS7, T70; Leyland TD4, L59; Leyland TS1, T3; Leyland TS1, T72; Leyland TD4, L104; Leyland TS8, T132; Guy Arab, H14; Leyland PD1A, L295; Guy Arab III, K12; Leyland PD2/10, L483; Guy Arab, K52; Leyland PD3, L594; Bristol LD6G, B125; Leyland L1, TS3; Leyland RTL, HL200; Leyland PDR1/1, HR2; Bristol VRT, BN360; Daimler CRG6LX, D19; Leyland PSU3/3R, T183; Bristol FLF6G, BE368. 

1974West of Scotland Bus Scene, an Omnibus Society publication (ed. Gavin Booth), February 1974 (cover price 35p)

'This publication has been issued to mark the Omnibus Society's 1974 Presidential Weekend, based in Glasgow, but is also designed as a survey of the situation in the West of Scotland at a time when major changes are in the air […]'.

Bristol FS6G, B 215, at Glasgow Cross, on route 56 from Shotts to Anderston Cross (Front Cover); map on p.5 showing 'Designated Area Of Greater Glasgow PTE And Operating Territories Of Local SBG Companies'; Article [pp.7-9] 'Variety In The West' containing details on the history and status quo at Central, and Daimler Fleetline D16, behind Killermont Street, on route 67 to Bonkle.

1966The Scottish Omnibus (staff magazine of the SBG), Volume 11, Number 125, October 1966 (cover price 2d)

Front Page: 'Central Bus At Earl's Court' (with trade photo of BN 331). 'The new Bristol VR double-decker with Eastern Coach Works body for Central SMT, which was one of the star attractions at the Commercial Motor Show last month. Gavin A. Booth was at Earl's Court, and describes the Show in Viewpoint on page 3.'