Central SMT

Service Fleet

This shot of S24 probably dates from around 1960.

S54 was former T27, albeit with a misleading front panel on the Y-type bodywork. It is seen here in what looks like East Kilbride depot.

S56 was former T29 (HGM429E).

S56 survived as a recovery vehicle into KCB days.

Leyland Leopard recovery vehicle S58 attends SP8, following a breakdown on the A74.

S61, formerly T26 (HGM426E) is seen in service with KCB in Buchanan Bus Station, on 18 April 1990.

These driver trainers are RHN951F (acquired with Airdrie depot from Eastern Scottish) and S52 (formerly BL350, HGM350E).

BE180 became S51 on conversion to a uniform store.

BL350 and BL310 both ended their Central careers as driver trainers.

Another shot of trainers HGM350E and FGM310D at Airbles Depot.

A solo shot of BL350 as S52 at Airbles.

HGM350E is seen in yellow trainer livery, with Kelvin Scottish-style blue wheels.

Driver trainer S53 was none other than BL351, seen here in yellow.

In this view, S53 has become Kelvin 0994. It is seen at Old Kilpatrick Depot in 1989.

S55 was the Central SMT ScotMAP bus.

T182 (AGM682L) became recovery vehicle S82. Seen here in East Kilbride depot, it is wearing the livery of the newly-formed SBG Engineering.

In this view, S82 is pictured at Buchanan Bus Station, Glasgow, working for KCB.

Former T182 again, this time at Glasgow's Anderston Bus Station in March 1990.