Central SMT

On Hire

Not long after taking over Airdrie Depot, Central experienced a vehicle shortage. Northern helped out with J-reg Leopards such as PRS128J, seen here loading in Coatbridge town centre.

Western SMT B1813 is pictured leaving Buchanan Bus Station while on hire to Central.

Western SMT Bristol FLF AAG68B is pictured in East Kilbride on 11 Sep 78, while operating Central route 181.

Western SMT Bristol FLF passes through Busby, again on the 181 to Calderwood. The date is 13 Sep 78.

Who would have thought that Central would again operate Atlanteans in East Kilbride? GGPTE's LA1236 is captured on 24 April 1978, on hire to Central SMT.

Another view of LA1236 on the same date, operating Central SMT's route 201.

Fife's FPE77 waits at Strathaven on 2 September 1978, ready to take up the 13 to Airdrie.

FPE91 was caught by the camera in Busby on 18 September 1978 on Central route 181.

FPE94 passes through Hamilton Bus Station on 26 August 1978, heading for Airdrie on the 113.

T211 was far from home on 27 July 1975, helping out at Inverness for Highland Omnibuses Ltd.

T213 was to be found in Bonar Bridge on 9 Aug 75, operating HOL service 22 to Inverness.