Central SMT

Still in Service 2004

Fifteen years after the death of Central as a company in its own right, a few of its buses were still to be seen in service during 2004. This photo feature captures the few remaining vehicles still providing service at the time.

Former LT31 carries a former Central SMT route number as it makes its way around George Square, bound for Buchanan Bus Station.

Early in the year, former LT47 loads for Bargeddie in Glasgow's West Regent Street, as First Glasgow ST367.

In May 2004, former LT55 turns into North Hanover Street, Glasgow, having arrived from Hamilton. It bears the new-style First number 61322.

A scruffy LT57 does not present the best image for First's X1 Hamilton express service.

LT57 meets up with former LT27, which is looking much smarter in the doomed Barbie 2 livery of First Group. Both are on the X1.

The same George Square encounter between former LT27 and LT57.

LT80 approaches Glasgow Buchanan, having just brought the joys of farebox operation to the people of Falkirk.

LO3 approaches Buchanan Bus Station, its blind already set - well, more or less - for the outward run into deepest Lanarkshire.

An empty-looking LO5 is about to enter George Square, wearing Barbie 2 colours.

Also on the X1, and looking every bit of its age, is former LO6. It wears First Glasgow allover red and carries new fleetnumber 31252.

Not actually in service as such, former Lepard T381 rests at Bannockburn Depot between driver training duties.