Central SMT

1980s coaches

The C series of coaches, previously used for Bedfords alone, was re-started in 1984. The new C1 was a Leyland Tiger / Plaxton, an unusual vehicle for Central in that it was not acquired new, carried Central's first Plaxton body (several more would be inherited from Eastern Scottish the following year) and was to become toilet-equipped. Even more unusually, C2-C7 were Dennis Dorchesters - the first time a common type code had been used for buses from different chassis manufacturers. Clearly the new C code was meant to indicate 'coach' and nothing else.

C7-C19 were all Scottish Citylink liveried, the new Central Scottish Omnibuses having cast off the dislike of its predecessor for this type of work. C7 was inherited from Eastern Scottish at Airdrie, where it had been based for the Glasgow - Bournemouth service. C8/9 were Volvo B10Ms with Caetano Algarve bodywork and came from Newton, Dingwall, following absorption of that company's express workings by SBG. C10-19 were ordered new by CSOL for Scottish Citylink work. 

C1Chassis Leyland TRCTL11/3RBuilt 1983
Bodywork Plaxton Paramount 3200 C49FT
(ex-Leyland, 1984)
1 VTY131Y    
C2-6Chassis Dennis Dorchester SDA806Built 1984
Bodywork Alexander TC C47F
2 A202UYS3 A203UYS4 A204UYS5 A205UYS6 A206UYS
C7Chassis Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RBuilt 1981
Bodywork Duple Dominant III C46FT
(ex-Eastern Scottish, 1985)
7 BSG545W    
C8-9Chassis Volvo B10M-61Built 1985
Bodywork Caetano Algarve C53FT (C8) or C57F (C9)
(ex-Newton, Dingwall, 1985)
8 C348LVV9 C349LVV   
C10-14Chassis Leyland Tiger TRCLXC/2RHBuilt 1986
Bodywork Duple 320 C49/FT
10 C110JCS11 C111JCS12 C112JCS13 C113JCS14 C114JCS
C15-19Chassis Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RZBuilt 1987
Bodywork Duple 340 C49/FT
15 D315SGB16 D316SGB17 D317SGB18 D318SGB19 D319SGB

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