Central SMT

Bedford coaches

Central SMT's first blue Bedford coaches with Duple bodies arrived in 1955. Apart from the very brief flirtation with the Albion Viking in 1966, this combination was to endure until the last blue coach joined the fleet in 1977. The Bedford / Duple fleet was to span several variants of both chassis and body. Two members of the class were acquired with the fleet of Laurie (Chieftain), Hamilton in 1961 (one of these NOT a coach).

There was never any doubt that these vehicles were entirely different from the main service bus fleet. The different livery emphasised their different function and, if destination equipment was carried at all, it was discreetly positioned. Nevertheless, it was not uncommon to see these coaches at work on the lengthy 242/3/4 limited stop services between Glasgow and Biggar / Peebles.

C1-10Chassis Bedford SBGBuilt 1955
Bodywork Duple C38F
1 GM70313 GM70335 GM70357 GM70379 GM7039
2 GM70324 GM70346 GM70368 GM703810 GM7040
C11-14Chassis Bedford SB1Built 1960
Bodywork Duple C41F
11 BGM1112 BGM1213 BGM1314 BGM14

ex-Laurie, Hamilton, 1961
C15WVD340Bedford SB1DupleC41Fnew 1960
C16NVD500Bedford SBO Duple MidlandB42Fnew 1956

C17-21Chassis Bedford SB5Built 1963
Bodywork Duple C41F
17 EGM91718 EGM91819 EGM91920 EGM92021 EGM921
C22-26Chassis Bedford SB5Built 1964
Bodywork Duple C41F
22 AGM522B23 AGM523B24 AGM524B25 AGM525B26 AGM526B
C27-31Chassis Bedford SB5Built 1965
Bodywork Duple C41F
27 DGM127C28 DGM128C29 DGM129C30 DGM130C31 DGM131C
C32-36Chassis Bedford VAM5Built 1967
Bodywork Duple C45F
32 HGM32E33 HGM33E34 HGM34E35 HGM35E36 HGM36E
C37-41Chassis Bedford VAM70Built 1970
Bodywork Duple C45F
37 PGM637H38 PGM638H39 PGM639H40 PGM640H41 PGM641H
C42-46Chassis Bedford YRQBuilt 1972
Bodywork Duple C45F
42 WGM42K43 WGM43K44 WGM44K45 WGM45K46 WGM46K
C47-51Chassis Bedford YRQBuilt 1975
Bodywork Duple C45F
47 PGM247M48 PGM248M49 PGM249M50 PGM250M51 PGM251M
C52Chassis Bedford YLQBuilt 1977
Bodywork Duple C45F
52 XGB361S    

Coach Types