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Single-Deckers : Guy Arab

As mentioned in the Double-deckers section, Central ordered the Guy Arab in both double- and single-deck format. Earlier versions of the single-decker had typical front-mounted engines and half-cab bodies with rear entrances. Later examples, however, were under-floor engined and had unusual Alexander bodies with full fronts and rear or centre entrances. These lasted in service until 1967.

This list covers acquisitions since 1950, anything earlier lying outside the current scope of this website.

K22-24Chassis Guy Arab IIIBuilt 1950
Bodywork Guy B33R
22 EVA32223 EVA32324 EVA324  
K25-34Chassis Guy Arab IIIBuilt 1952
Bodywork Guy B37R
25 GVD2527 GVD2729 GVD2931 GVD3133 GVD33
26 GVD2628 GVD2830 GVD3032 GVD3234 GVD34
K35-44Chassis Guy Arab UFBuilt 1952
Bodywork Alexander C41C
35 GVD3537 GVD3739 GVD3941 GVD4143 GVD43
36 GVD3638 GVD3840 GVD4042 GVD4244 GVD44
K45-54Chassis Guy Arab UFBuilt 1954
Bodywork Alexander B43R
45 GM594547 GM594749 GM594951 GM595153 GM5953
46 GM594648 GM594850 GM595052 GM595254 GM5954

In this view, K54 is at Hamilton Cross on a private hire.

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