Central SMT

Single-Deckers : Leyland Cub

Central only ever had two of these neat little buses, which looked very attractive in the zig-zag, dual-purpose livery. New in 1985, just at the time of SBG reorganisation, they were the latest attempted solution to the problem of what type of buses to run on East Kilbride locals. The same problem had earlier resulted in the arrival of ex-Macbraynes Bedford VASs and new Ford midi-buses.

Later in their short lives, the Cubs also found a niche for themselves on contracted service 908 Glasgow City Centre - Burrell Collection.

LC1-2Chassis Leyland CubBuilt 1985
Bodywork Duple Dominant Bus B33F
1 B101BYS2 B102BYS

RIGHT : LC1 is caught by the camera on an unusual working to Buchanan Bus Station, Glasgow.  

Single-deck Types