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Single-Deckers : Leyland Tiger

The Leyland Tiger was Central's last great standard type and, had events turned out differently, would surely in time have matched the Leopard's earlier dominance of the fleet. Apart from the first five (which carried T-type bodies), Central made a clean break with the Tiger, switching to the new family of TE, TC and TS types for its new Leyland chassis. The TS was, in fact, a Central invention. Uninspired by Alexander's P-type, the company specified this service bus variant of the TE instead.

Central's TE-bodied Tigers carried an innovative, complex and very attractive livery based on the traditional red and cream colours. Initial TS deliveries used these colours in a far simpler layout, but the TE scheme thankfully won through and soon became the standard.

Having started out with standard Leyland engines, Central soon switched its allegiance and specified Gardner engines in its later Tigers.

Central's Tiger coaches numbered in the C series are listed in the Coaches section; the list below shows all Tigers in the main LT series.

LT1-5Chassis Leyland Tiger TRBTL11/2RBuilt 1982
Bodywork Alexander T C49F
1 FGG601X2 FGG602X3 FGG603X4 FGG604X5 FGG605X
LT6-10Chassis Leyland Tiger TRBTL11/2RBuilt 1983
Bodywork Alexander TE C49F
LT11-20Chassis Leyland Tiger TRBTL11/2RBuilt 1983
Bodywork Alexander TS B53F
11 OUS11Y13 OUS13Y15 OUS15Y17 OUS17Y19 OUS19Y
12 OUS12Y14 OUS14Y16 OUS16Y18 OUS18Y20 OUS20Y
LT21-40Chassis Leyland Tiger TRBLXB/2RHBuilt 1984
Bodywork Alexander TS B53F
21 A21VDS25 A25VDS29 A29VDS33 A33VDS37 A37VDS
22 A22VDS26 A26VDS30 A30VDS34 A34VDS38 A38VDS
23 A23VDS27 A27VDS31 A31VDS35 A35VDS39 A39VDS
24 A24VDS28 A28VDS32 A32VDS36 A36VDS40 A40VDS
LT41-57Chassis Leyland Tiger TRBLXB/2RHBuilt 1985
Bodywork Alexander TS B53F
41 B241BYS45 B245BYS49 B249BYS52 B252BYS55 B255BYS
42 B242BYS46 B246BYS50 B250BYS53 B253BYS56 B256BYS
43 B243BYS47 B247BYS51 B251BYS54 B254BYS57 B257BYS
44 B244BYS48 B248BYS   
(B258-63BYS, which would have been LT58-63, were ordered by Central Scottish but delivered new to Kelvin Scottish. See below, however!)
LT58-62Chassis Leyland Tiger TRBLXB/2RHBuilt 1985
Bodywork Alexander TE C49F
58 C258FGG59 C259FGG60 C260FGG61 C261FGG62 C262FGG
LT63-68Chassis Leyland Tiger TRBLXB/2RHBuilt 1985
Bodywork Alexander TS B53F
(ex-Kelvin Scottish in 1986)
63 B258BYS65 B260BYS66 B261BYS67 B262BYS68 B263BYS
64 B259BYS    
LT69-83Chassis Leyland Tiger TRBLXB/2RHBuilt 1987
Bodywork Alexander TS B53F
69 D369OSU72 D372OSU75 D375OSU78 D378OSU81 D381OSU
70 D370OSU73 D373OSU76 D376OSU79 D379OSU82 D382OSU
71 D371OSU74 D374OSU77 D377OSU80 D380OSU83 D383OSU

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