Central SMT

Single-Deckers : Seddon Pennine

Central SMT Co Ltd operated just one Seddon Pennine, an ex-Western SMT T-type example acquired in 1984 as part of a Scottish Bus Group initiative, in the pre-low floor age, to provide wheelchair accessible buses. Central Scottish Omnibuses Ltd, however, inherited a further 33 examples at Airdrie depot, which the company acquired on formation in 1985, from Eastern Scottish.

The Seddon Pennine VII was an SBG-influenced design - effectively an attempt to create a Gardner-engined Leopard. Prior to 1985, they had been popular at Eastern Scottish and Western SMT, and the re-organisation of that year saw them further spread around the group.

The Central examples were a diverse bunch, having a mixture of Alexander Y and T-type, and Plaxton Supreme III and IV bodywork. Even the Y-types were a mixture of panoramic and short window examples. The AYS Seddons also differed visually from the standard Central Leopard by having wider entrances with four-leaf doors.

1MSJ385PAlexander TC24Fex-Western S579 in 1984
2KSX689NAlexander TDP49Fex-Eastern ZS689H
3CSG791SPlaxton Supreme IIIC45Fex-Eastern YS791H
4CFS826SAlexander AYB53Fex-Eastern S826H
5CFS827SAlexander AYB53Fex-Eastern S827H
6CFS828SAlexander AYB53Fex-Eastern S828H
7CFS829SAlexander AYB53Fex-Eastern S829H
8DFS803SPlaxton Supreme IIIC49Fex-Eastern YS803H
9ESC833SAlexander AYB53Fex-Eastern S833H
10DFS804SPlaxton Supreme IIIC49Fex-Eastern YS804H
11GSX888TAlexander TDP49Fex-Eastern ZS888H
12GSX895TAlexander TDP49Fex-Eastern ZS895H
13JSF905TAlexander TDP49Fex-Eastern ZS905H
14JSF906TAlexander TDP49Fex-Eastern ZS906H
15JSF907TAlexander TDP49Fex-Eastern ZS907H
16JSF908TAlexander TDP49Fex-Eastern ZS908H
17JSF918TAlexander TDP49Fex-Eastern ZS918H
18JSF919TAlexander TDP49Fex-Eastern ZS919H
19LSC934TAlexander AYSB53Fex-Eastern S934H
20LSC935TAlexander AYSB53Fex-Eastern S935H
21LSC956TPlaxton Supreme IVC49Fex-Eastern YS956H
22NSX957TPlaxton Supreme IVC49Fex-Eastern YS957H
23OSF964VPlaxton Supreme IVC49Fex-Eastern YS964H
24SSX598VAlexander AYSB53Fex-Eastern S598H
25SSX599VAlexander AYSB53Fex-Eastern S599H
26SSX600VAlexander AYSB53Fex-Eastern S600H
27SSX601VAlexander AYSB53Fex-Eastern S601H
28USX969VPlaxton Supreme IVC49Fex-Eastern YS969H
29YSG651WAlexander AYSB53Fex-Eastern S651H
30YSG652WAlexander AYSB53Fex-Eastern S652H
31YSG653WAlexander AYSB53Fex-Eastern S653H
32DSC976WPlaxton Supreme IVC45Fex-Eastern YS976H
33JFS977XAlexander AYSB53Fex-Eastern S977H
34JFS978XAlexander AYSB53Fex-Eastern S978H

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