Central SMT

1988 Fleetlist

This list shows the state of the Central Scottish fleet a few years after the great re-organisation of 1985 and just prior to the onset of the serious problems that would lead to the company's demise in the following year.

AH2-10Volvo Ailsa B55-10Alexander AV H44/35F19789
AH11-30Volvo Ailsa B55-10 Mk IIAlexander AV H44/35F197920
C1Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RPlaxton Paramount 3200 C49Ft19831
C2-6Dennis DorchesterAlexander TC C47F19845
C7Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RDuple Dominant III C46Ft19811
C8Volvo B10M-61Caetano Algarve C53Ft19851
C9Volvo B10M-61Caetano Algarve C57F19851
C10-14Leyland Tiger TRCLXC/2RHDuple 320 C49Ft19865
C15-19Leyland Tiger TRCTL11/3RZDuple 340 C49Ft19875
D1Dennis Dominator DD101Alexander AD H43/31F19781
D7Dennis Dominator DD135BAlexander R H45/31F19811
D9-10Dennis Dominator DD135BAlexander R H45/31F19812
D12Dennis Dominator DD135BAlexander R H45/31F19811
D23-37Dennis Dominator DD137BAlexander R H45/34F198215
D40-51Dennis Dominator DD137BAlexander R H45/34F198312
DD1-5Dennis Dorchester SDA804Alexander TS B53F19835
DD6-10Dennis DorchesterAlexander TE C49F19845
LC1-2Leyland CubDuple Dominant Bus B33F19852
LO1-10Leyland Olympian ONLXB/1RHAlexander RL CH47/27F198610
LT6-8Leyland Tiger TRBTL11/2RAlexander TE C49F19833
LT9-10Leyland Tiger TRBTL11/2RAlexander TE C47F19832
LT11-20Leyland Tiger TRBTL11/2RAlexander TS B53F198310
LT21-30Leyland Tiger TRBLXB/2RHAlexander TS B53F198410
LT31-57Leyland Tiger TRBLXB/2RHAlexander TS B53F198527
LT58-62Leyland Tiger TRCLXC/2RHAlexander TE C49F19855
LT63-83Leyland Tiger TRBLXB/2RHAlexander TS B53F1985/721
N1-20Leyland National 11351A/1RLeyland B52F1978/920
N46-54Leyland National 11351A/1RLeyland B52F1977/89
R1-17Dodge S56Alexander AM B21F198617
R18-31Dodge S56Alexander AM B25F198714
SP2Seddon Pennine VIIAlexander T DP49F19761
SP3Seddon Pennine VIIPlaxton Supreme III C45F19781
SP4Seddon Pennine VIIPlaxton Supreme III C49F19781
SP5-7Seddon Pennine VIIAlexander AY B53F19783
SP8Seddon Pennine VIIPlaxton Supreme III C49F19781
SP9Seddon Pennine VIIAlexander AY B53F19781
SP10Seddon Pennine VIIPlaxton Supreme III C49F19781
SP11-18Seddon Pennine VIIAlexander T DP49F1978/98
SP19-20Seddon Pennine VIIAlexander AYS B53F19792
SP21-23Seddon Pennine VIIPlaxton Supreme IV C49F19793
SP24-27Seddon Pennine VIIAlexander AYS B53F19804
SP28Seddon Pennine VIIPlaxton Supreme IV C49F19801
SP29-31Seddon Pennine VIIAlexander AYS B53F19823
SP32Seddon Pennine VIIPlaxton Supreme IV C45F19821
SP33-34Seddon Pennine VIIAlexander AYS B53F19822
T235-240Leyland Leopard PSU3C/3RAlexander AYS B53F19766
T242-247Leyland Leopard PSU3C/3RAlexander AYS B53F19766
T249-265Leyland Leopard PSU3C/3RAlexander AYS B53F197617
T285-312Leyland Leopard PSU3C/3RAlexander AYS B53F197728
T313-332Leyland Leopard PSU3C/3RAlexander AYS B53F197820
T333-T367Leyland Leopard PSU3C/3RAlexander AYS B53F197935
T368-372Leyland Leopard PSU3C/3RAlexander T C49F19795
T373-384Leyland Leopard PSU3C/3RAlexander AYS B53F197912
T385-387Leyland Leopard PSU3F/4RAlexander T C49F19803
T392-394Leyland Leopard PSU3F/4RAlexander T C49F19803
T395-401Leyland Leopard PSU3F/4RAlexander AYS B53F19817
T420-430Leyland Leopard PSU3G/4RAlexander AYS B53F198111
T431-440Leyland Leopard PSU3G/4RAlexander AYS B53F198210


Double-deck total = 71

Single-deck total = 365

Total Central SMT Fleet, 1988 = 436 buses