Central SMT

Fleetnumber Plates

One of things that always added a touch of distinction to Central vehicles was the prominent display of the fleetnumber on a solid metal plate, on the front offside of each bus. The size and boldness of the plate seemed to be a physical expression of the company's supreme self-confidence during what I have termed its Golden Years. Traditional Central practice was for each vehicle to carry two such plates, the other being displayed inside, close to the entrance. The other external fleetnumbers (on the sides and back) were applied as gold coloured transfers.

The size of the plates was reduced with the HGMxxxE batch of BL-class Lodekkas, while the prominence of the plate was further toned down by the lack of white edging. The practice of using plates was discontinued in the late 1970s.

Here, courtesy of Nigel Utting and Douglas MacDonald, are scans of some genuine Central SMT fleetnumber plates :-