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Double-Deckers : Albion Lowlander

The Albion Lowlander was one of many double-deck types that Central tried, at first with apparent enthusiasm, then quickly did an about-turn and disposed of the lot. Central built up a fleet of 30 Lowlanders in the years 1962-63, all at East Kilbride. Yet in 1965 they were all withdrawn and passed to Alexander (Fife) and Highland.

The Central Lowlanders had two different styles of bodywork. A1-10 and A21-30 were by Northern Counties, while A11-20 were by Alexander. Although normally a great fan of Alexander products, their Lowlander body was - in my opinion - the least aesthetically pleasing design ever produced at Falkirk. The problem lay with the high driving position which, on the Alexander body, produced an ugly mis-match between the cab and the lines of the rest of the bus. Indeed the top of the driver's windscreen almost touched the destination display! Northern Counties somehow managed a more sympathetic treatment, although their design did feature a strangely-angled front nearside lower-deck window.

The two styles of bodywork featured slightly different livery applications. The Northern Counties body had the traditional cream band above the driver's cab, while the Alexander body, either due to lack of space or in an attempt to disguise its ugliest feature, had a plain red front up to the upper-deck windows.

A1-10Chassis Albion LR1Built 1962
Bodywork Northern Counties H39/32F
1 EGM13 EGM35 EGM57 EGM79 EGM9
2 EGM24 EGM46 EGM68 EGM810 EGM10
A11-20Chassis Albion LR1Built 1963
Bodywork Alexander H41/31F
11 FGM1113 FGM1315 FGM1517 FGM1719 FGM19
12 FGM1214 FGM1416 FGM1618 FGM1820 FGM20
A21-30Chassis Albion LR1Built 1963
Bodywork Northern Counties H39/32F
21 FGM2123 FGM2325 FGM2527 FGM2729 FGM29
22 FGM2224 FGM2426 FGM2628 FGM2830 FGM30

More Lowlander Photos

A12 negotiates a roundabout at speed in East Kilbride. Note the pronounced mismatch between the front and the side of the Alexander bodywork.

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