Central SMT

Double-Deckers : Guy Arab

At one time, the Guy Arab was a common sight in the Central SMT fleet, in both single- and double-deck form. This list covers acquisitions since 1950, anything earlier lying outside the current scope of this website. In addition to the above, a number of Western SMT Guy Arab II double-deckers were on loan during 1957.

H42-49Chassis Guy Arab IIIBuilt 1951
Bodywork Guy L27/26R
42 FVD74244 FVD74446 FVD74648 FVD74849 FVD749
43 FVD74345 FVD74547 FVD747  
H50-57Chassis Guy Arab IIIBuilt 1952
Bodywork Guy L27/26R
50 FVD75052 FVD75254 FVD75456 FVD75657 FVD757
51 FVD75153 FVD75355 FVD755  
HH41Chassis Guy Arab IIBuilt 1948
Bodywork Massey H30/26R, highbridge, ex-Laurie (Chieftain) in 1961
41 DVD878    

LEFT : Laurie (Chieftain) DVD878. On acquisition of the company by Central SMT, it would become HH41.

Photo by A J Douglas (ref 1188)


RIGHT : An early Guy Arab double-decker, H37, is pictured leaving the Newarthill terminus on a short working of route 43.

Double-deck Types