Central SMT

Double-Deckers : Daimler Fleetline

Central took delivery of a fine fleet of 35 Daimler Fleetlines in 1971 with handsome, if somewhat square, bodies by ECW. In many ways, they were the second spiritual successors of the large Lodekka fleet : Gardner-engined double-deckers with 77-seat bodywork by ECW. They were, of course, suitable for one man operation.

Like the Bristol VRs before them, however, these fine vehicles failed to find favour with Central and were quickly discarded. The  Fleetlines, however, at least managed to remain within the Scottish Bus Group. They entered service with Eastern Scottish and with Alexander (Midland), both companies being eager to snap them up. Both Eastern and Midland supplied Alexander AYS-bodied Leyland Leopards to Central in direct exchange.

D1-35Chassis Daimler CRG6LXBuilt 1971
Bodywork ECW  H43/34F
1 TGM201J8 TGM208J15 TGM215J22 TGM222J29 TGM229J
2 TGM202J9 TGM209J16 TGM216J23 TGM223J30 TGM230J
3 TGM203J10 TGM210J17 TGM217J24 TGM224J31 TGM231J
4 TGM204J11 TGM211J18 TGM218J25 TGM225J32 TGM232J
5 TGM205J12 TGM212J19 TGM219J26 TGM226J33 TGM233J
6 TGM206J13 TGM213J20 TGM220J27 TGM227J34 TGM234J
7 TGM207J14 TGM214J21 TGM221J28 TGM228J35 TGM235J

LEFT : D14 appears to be lightly loaded as it heads towards Glasgow on the 60
RIGHT : This excellent shot shows D17 in very rural surroundings on the 29. The service is being one man operated.

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