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Double-Deckers : Bristol Lodekka LD

The first Bristol Lodekka LD arrived in 1955 and set the pattern for well over 100 deliveries over the next six years, before newer models started to take over. Most of these were to the standard H33/27R layout, but there were some variations worthy of note :-


  • Early deliveries did not use the traditional SBG-style destination display, preferring a flat horizontal layout. Some of these also had a repeat display above the rear entrance.

  • One batch originally featured dual-purpose seating to a CH29/27RD layout.

  • Some had enclosed rear platforms with jack-knife doors operated by the conductor.

My favourite place as a very small boy was kneeling up on the rear-facing bench seat, enjoying a great forward view over the bonnet! I still remember my disappointment when my parents told me in no uncertain terms that I was too old for this mode of travel! At this point, my allegiance switched to the front offside seat upstairs - directly above the driver.

B1-19Chassis Bristol LD6GBuilt 1955
Bodywork ECW H33/27R
1 GM70015 GM70059 GM700913 GM701317 GM7017
2 GM70026 GM700610 GM701014 GM701418 GM7018
3 GM70037 GM700711 GM701115 GM701519 GM7019
4 GM70048 GM700812 GM701216 GM7016 
B20-25Chassis Bristol LD6GBuilt 1955
Bodywork ECW CH29/27RD
20 GM702022 GM702223 GM702324 GM702425 GM7025
21 GM7021    
B26-50Chassis Bristol LD6GBuilt 1956
Bodywork ECW H33/27R
26 GM762631 GM763136 GM763641 GM764146 GM7646
27 GM762732 GM763237 GM763742 GM764247 GM7647
28 GM762833 GM763338 GM763843 GM764348 GM7648
29 GM762934 GM763439 GM763944 GM764449 GM7649
30 GM763035 GM763540 GM764045 GM764550 GM7650
B51-70Chassis Bristol LD6GBuilt 1957
Bodywork ECW H33/27R
51 GM865155 GM865559 GM865963 GM866367 GM8667
52 GM865256 GM865660 GM866064 GM866468 GM8668
53 GM865357 GM865761 GM866165 GM866569 GM8669
54 GM865458 GM865862 GM866266 GM866670 GM8670
B71-92Chassis Bristol LD6GBuilt 1958
Bodywork ECW H33/27R
71 GM927176 GM927681 GM928185 GM928589 GM9289
72 GM927277 GM927782 GM928286 GM928690 GM9290
73 GM927378 GM927883 GM928387 GM928791 GM9291
74 GM927479 GM927984 GM928488 GM928892 GM9292
75 GM927580 GM9280   
B93-95Chassis Bristol LD6GBuilt 1959
Bodywork ECW H33/27R
93 GM999394 GM999495 GM9995  
B96-115Chassis Bristol LD6GBuilt 1960
Bodywork ECW H33/27R
96 BGM96100 BGM100104 BGM104108 BGM108112 BGM112
97 BGM97101 BGM101105 BGM105109 BGM109113 BGM113
98 BGM98102 BGM102106 BGM106110 BGM110114 BGM114
99 BGM99103 BGM103107 BGM107111 BGM111115 BGM115
B123-129Chassis Bristol LD6GBuilt 1961
Bodywork ECW H33/27R
123 CGM123125 CGM125127 CGM127128 CGM128129 CGM129
124 CGM124126 CGM126   

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