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Double-Deckers : Bristol Lodekka FS

By the time Central took its fourth Lodekka variant, the FS, it had already sampled both the FSF and the FLF - models which most people recognised as pointing the way to the future. Nevertheless in 1964 it acquired a substantial fleet of rear-entrance FSs with only 60 seats. The debate over the virtues of the rear platform was still raging in Motherwell in 1964 - as indeed it continued to do in London into the next century.

It's difficult to explain why, but I always felt that the FSs had a certain air of sophistication about them - perhaps it was the combination of a traditional layout and more modern fittings.

B181-215Chassis Bristol FS6GBuilt 1964
Bodywork ECW H33/27RD
181 AGM681B188 AGM688B195 AGM695B202 AGM702B209 AGM709B
182 AGM682B189 AGM689B196 AGM696B203 AGM703B210 AGM710B
183 AGM683B190 AGM690B197 AGM697B204 AGM704B211 AGM711B
184 AGM684B191 AGM691B198 AGM698B205 AGM705B212 AGM712B
185 AGM685B192 AGM692B199 AGM699B206 AGM706B213 AGM713B
186 AGM686B193 AGM693B200 AGM700B207 AGM707B214 AGM714B
187 AGM687B194 AGM694B201 AGM701B208 AGM708B215 AGM715B

LEFT : B200 hard at work on the marathon 242 Peebles - Glasgow. Note the short-lived reference to 'Blytheswood Street', soon to be re-named Anderston Cross Bus Station.

RIGHT : This shot captures a priceless moment with B214 disgracing itself in Glasgow. Apparently it is beneath the dignity of the 'white hat' to get actively involved!

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