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Double-Deckers : Bristol Lodekka FSF

The second Lodekka variant to be operated by Central was also one of the most unusual, the Flat-floor, Short, Forward-entrance model. This design paved the way for the very popular FLF that would soon follow, but retained the limited 60-seat capacity of the original, rear-entrance Lodekkas. The FSFs had a rearward-ascending staircase directly opposite the entrance and a long front seat upstairs that enjoyed splendid isolation from the rest of the bus. The final FSF batch, B160-170, introduced the new-style chrome grille.

Unlike Eastern Scottish, where the driver was expected to monitor a forward entrance, Central practice was for the conductor to continue to give the starting signal on these buses. No other SBG company ordered FSFs, but several of Central's DGMxxx batch ended their days at Eastern Scottish, following a serious vehicle shortage at that company in 1977. 

B116-122Chassis Bristol FSF6GBuilt 1961
Bodywork ECW H34/26F
116 CGM116118 CGM118120 CGM120121 CGM121122 CGM122
117 CGM117119 CGM119   
B130-159Chassis Bristol FSF6GBuilt 1962
Bodywork ECW H34/26F
130 DGM430136 DGM436142 DGM442148 DGM448154 DGM454
131 DGM431137 DGM437143 DGM443149 DGM449155 DGM455
132 DGM432138 DGM438144 DGM444150 DGM450156 DGM456
133 DGM433139 DGM439145 DGM445151 DGM451157 DGM457
134 DGM434140 DGM440146 DGM446152 DGM452158 DGM458
135 DGM435141 DGM441147 DGM447153 DGM453159 DGM459
B160-170Chassis Bristol FSF6GBuilt 1963
Bodywork ECW H34/26F
160 FGM160163 FGM163165 FGM165167 FGM167169 FGM169
161 FGM161164 FGM164166 FGM166168 FGM168170 FGM170
162 FGM162    

LEFT : This rear view of B170 was taken in Wishaw Depot.
RIGHT : This shot shows B144 in service with Eastern Scottish, following sale in 1977. Its bears a remarkable new fleetnumber  : AA444A.  

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