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Double-Deckers : Leyland Titan

The Leyland Titan (of the original variety, naturally!) was the mainstay of the Central SMT double-deck fleet until at least 1960, when deliveries of new examples ceased, its dominance by then seriously threatened by the higher capacity and better layout of the Bristol Lodekka.

All but one of Central's Titans had rear entrances, some of which were enclosed and featured platform doors. At the other end, the original exposed radiators were superseded latterly by the 'tin front' design. All Titans ordered new by Central had lowbridge bodies, with long bench seats upstairs and a sunken offside gangway. Conductors needed to have long arms! Some second-hand examples had highbridge bodies; these had an HL designation, but shared a common numerical series with the lowbridge models.

The last Titans were withdrawn at Old Kilpatrick in 1975.

The following list covers acquisitions since 1950, anything earlier lying outside the current scope of this website.

L293-301Chassis Leyland PD1ABuilt 1950
Bodywork Northern Counties L27/26R
293 CVD493295 CVD495297 CVD497299 CVD499301 CVD501
294 CVD495296 CVD496298 CVD498300 CVD500 
L322-332Chassis Leyland PD1ABuilt 1951
Bodywork Northern Counties L27/26R
322 CVD522325 CVD525327 CVD527329 CVD529331 CVD531
323 CVD523326 CVD526328 CVD528330 CVD530332 CVD532
324 CVD524    
L333-340Chassis Leyland PD2/1Built 1951
Bodywork Northern Counties L27/26R
333 CVD533335 CVD535337 CVD537339 CVD539340 CVD540
334 CVD534336 CVD536338 CVD538  
L341Chassis Leyland PD2/1Built 1950
Bodywork Northern Counties L27/26R
341 CVD541    
L442Chassis Leyland PD2/1Built 1951
Bodywork Northern Counties L27/26R
442 FVA546    
L443-454Chassis Leyland PD1ABuilt 1951
Bodywork Leyland L27/26R
443 FVD643446 FVD646449 FVD649451 FVD651453 FVD653
444 FVD644447 FVD647450 FVD650452 FVD652454 FVD654
445 FVD645448 FVD648   
L455-466Chassis Leyland PD1ABuilt 1952
Bodywork Leyland L27/26R
455 FVD655458 FVD658461 FVD661463 FVD663465 FVD665
456 FVD656459 FVD659462 FVD662464 FVD664466 FVD666
457 FVD657460 FVD660   
L467-481Chassis Leyland PD2/1Built 1953/54
Bodywork Leyland L27/26R
467 GM5867470 GM5870473 GM5873476 GM5876479 GM5879
468 GM5868471 GM5871474 GM5874477 GM5877480 GM5880
469 GM5869472 GM5872475 GM5875478 GM5878481 GM5881
L482-491Chassis Leyland PD2/10Built 1954
Bodywork Leyland L27/28R
482 GM6382484 GM6384486 GM6386488 GM6388490 GM6390
483 GM6383485 GM6385487 GM6387489 GM6389491 GM6391
L492-496Chassis Leyland PD2/10Built 1955
Bodywork Northern Counties L27/28R
492 GM7192493 GM7192494 GM7194495 GM7195496 GM7196
L497-516Chassis Leyland PD2/20Built 1956
Bodywork Northern Counties L31/28R
497 GM7697501 GM7701505 GM7705509 GM7709513 GM7713
498 GM7698502 GM7702506 GM7706510 GM7710514 GM7714
499 GM7699503 GM7703507 GM7707511 GM7711515 GM7715
500 GM7700504 GM7704508 GM7708512 GM7712516 GM7716
L517-541Chassis Leyland PD2/20Built 1956
Bodywork Alexander L31/28R
517 GM7717522 GM7722527 GM7727532 GM7732537 GM7737
518 GM7718523 GM7723528 GM7728533 GM7733538 GM7738
519 GM7719524 GM7724529 GM7729534 GM7734539 GM7739
520 GM7720525 GM7725530 GM7730535 GM7735540 GM7740
521 GM7721526 GM7726531 GM7731536 GM7736541 GM7741
L542-551Chassis Leyland PD2/20Built 1956
Bodywork Northern Counties L31/28R
542 GM8042544 GM8044546 GM8046548 GM8048550 GM8050
543 GM8043545 GM8045547 GM8047549 GM8049551 GM8051
L552-566Chassis Leyland PD2/20Built 1956/57
Bodywork Alexander L31/28R
552 GM8052555 GM8055558 GM8058561 GM8061564 GM8064
553 GM8053556 GM8056559 GM8059562 GM8062565 GM8065
554 GM8054557 GM8057560 GM8060563 GM8063566 GM8066
L567-586Chassis Leyland PD2/30Built 1957
Bodywork Alexander L31/28R
567 GM8807571 GM8811575 GM8815579 GM8819583 GM8823
568 GM8808572 GM8812576 GM8816580 GM8820584 GM8824
569 GM8809573 GM8813577 GM8817581 GM8821585 GM8825
570 GM8810574 GM8814578 GM8818582 GM8822586 GM8826
L587-596Chassis Leyland PD3/3Built 1957
Bodywork Northern Counties L35/32R
587 GM8827589 GM8829591 GM8831593 GM8833595 GM8835
588 GM8828590 GM8830592 GM8832594 GM8834596 GM8836
L597-606Chassis Leyland PD2/30Built 1959
Bodywork Northern Counties L31/28R
597 GM9957599 GM9959601 GM9961603 GM9963605 GM9965
598 GM9958600 GM9960602 GM9962604 GM9964606 GM9966
L607-621Chassis Leyland PD2/30Built 1959
Bodywork Alexander L31/28R
607 GM9967610 GM9970613 GM9973616 GM9976619 GM9979
608 GM9968611 GM9971614 GM9974617 GM9977620 GM9980
609 GM9969612 GM9972615 GM9975618 GM9978621 GM9981
L622-626Chassis Leyland PD2/30Built 1960
Bodywork Northern Counties L31/28R
622 BGM22623 BGM23624 BGM24625 BGM25626 BGM26
L627-631Chassis Leyland PD2/30Built 1960
Bodywork Alexander L31/28R
627 BGM27628 BGM28629 BGM29630 BGM30631 BGM31

ex-Laurie, Hamilton 1961
HL185EOG215Leyland TD6English ElectricH28/26Rnew 1938
HL186GTD483Leyland PD1AlexanderH30/26Rnew 1946
HL187HD7826Leyland PD2LeylandH28/24Rnew 1948
HL188HD7827Leyland PD2BrushH30/26Rnew 1948
HL189JXN323Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1948
HL190YVA776Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1960
HL191JXN333Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1949
HL192JXN335Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1949
HL193JXN334Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1949
HL194JXN353Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1949
HL195JXN361Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1949
HL196JXN362Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1949
HL197JXN364Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1949
HL198JXN374Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1949
HL199JXN375Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1949
HL200KGU405Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1949
HL201KGU433Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1949
HL202MXX126Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1953
HL203NLE705Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1953
HL204NLE738Leyland 7RTPark RoyalH30/26Rnew 1953
L205HVD4Leyland PD2/12LeylandL27/28Rnew 1953
L206MVA100Leyland PD2/12Northern CountiesL27/28Rnew 1955
L207OVD950Leyland PD2/20Northern CountiesL31/28Rnew 1957
HL208PVD629Leyland PD3/1Northern CountiesH41/32Rnew 1957
HL209UVA638Leyland PD3/2MasseyH41/31Fnew 1959

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