Central SMT

Double-Deckers : Bristol Lodekka FLF (BL)

The final Central Lodekka variant represented the ultimate in the development of the type - although, it should be noted, they did not have semi-automatic transmission, which was available by this time. Designated BL by Central, these FLFs were a half-bay longer than their BE sisters and seated 78. They also featured a forward-ascending staircase, situated not quite opposite the entrance. Some space savings were achieved in the upstairs layout, bringing about the demise of the isolated 4-seat front bench.

These large buses proved to be excellent people-movers in Central's intensive urban and suburban operations and could be found on almost any of the company's trunk routes to and from Glasgow.

BL273-290Chassis Bristol FLF6GLXBuilt 1965
Bodywork ECW H44/34F
273 EGM273C277 EGM277C281 EGM281C285 EGM285C288 EGM288C
274 EGM274C278 EGM278C282 EGM282C286 EGM286C289 EGM289C
275 EGM275C279 EGM279C283 EGM283C287 EGM287C290 EGM290C
276 EGM276C280 EGM280C284 EGM284C  
BL291-330Chassis Bristol FLF6GLXBuilt 1966
Bodywork ECW H44/32F
291 FGM291D299 FGM299D307 FGM307D315 FGM315D323 FGM323D
292 FGM292D300 FGM300D308 FGM308D316 FGM316D324 FGM324D
293 FGM293D301 FGM301D309 FGM309D317 FGM317D325 FGM325D
294 FGM294D302 FGM302D310 FGM310D318 FGM318D326 FGM326D
295 FGM295D303 FGM303D311 FGM311D319 FGM319D327 FGM327D
296 FGM296D304 FGM304D312 FGM312D320 FGM320D328 FGM328D
297 FGM297D305 FGM305D313 FGM313D321 FGM321D329 FGM329D
298 FGM298D306 FGM306D314 FGM314D322 FGM322D330 FGM330D
BL332-356Chassis Bristol FLF6GLXBuilt 1967
Bodywork ECW H44/34F
332 HGM332E337 HGM337E342 HGM342E347 HGM347E352 HGM352E
333 HGM333E338 HGM338E343 HGM343E348 HGM348E353 HGM353E
334 HGM334E339 HGM339E344 HGM344E349 HGM349E354 HGM354E
335 HGM335E340 HGM340E345 HGM345E350 HGM350E355 HGM355E
336 HGM336E341 HGM341E346 HGM346E351 HGM351E356 HGM356E

BL346 in preservation at the Scottish Vintage Bus Museum in 2000

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