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Double-Deckers : Bristol Lodekka FLF (BE)

Following on from the FSFs, the next Lodekka variant to be introduced by Central SMT was to be one of the most popular in fleets throughout the land : the Flat-floor, Long, Forward-entrance model. In its standard length with 70 seats, it was designated BE by Central, but numbering was in the same series as the B class. Its layout was very similar to the B class FSF; it was simply a few feet longer. Some examples sacrificed two lower-deck seats in favour of a luggage rack.

The BE259-272 batch in 1965 was diverted from an order placed by Alexander (Fife) and had non-standard green interiors. Externally, the rear registration number appeared in the lower offside corner - a standard for most fleets, but not for Central, where the normal position was between decks.

The FLF also featured in the famous swap of Scottish Bus Group Bristol VRs for National Bus Company Lodekkas in 1973, bringing a variety of second-hand models to Central. These would be the highest-numbered Lodekkas in the fleet.

BE171-180Chassis Bristol FLF6GBuilt 1963
Bodywork ECW H38/32F
171 FGM171173 FGM173175 FGM175177 FGM177179 FGM179
172 FGM172174 FGM174176 FGM176178 FGM178180 FGM180
BE216-258Chassis Bristol FLF6GLXBuilt 1965
Bodywork ECW H38/30F
216 CGM716C225 CGM725C234 CGM734C243 CGM743C251 CGM751C
217 CGM717C226 CGM726C235 CGM735C244 CGM744C252 CGM752C
218 CGM718C227 CGM727C236 CGM736C245 CGM745C253 CGM753C
219 CGM719C228 CGM728C237 CGM737C246 CGM746C254 CGM754C
220 CGM720C229 CGM729C238 CGM738C247 CGM747C255 CGM755C
221 CGM721C230 CGM730C239 CGM739C248 CGM748C256 CGM756C
222 CGM722C231 CGM731C240 CGM740C249 CGM749C257 CGM757C
223 CGM723C232 CGM732C241 CGM741C250 CGM750C258 CGM758C
224 CGM724C233 CGM733C242 CGM742C  
BE259-272Chassis Bristol FLF6GLXBuilt 1965
Bodywork ECW H38/32F
259 CGM959C262 CGM962C265 CGM965C268 CGM968C271 CGM971C
260 CGM960C263 CGM963C266 CGM966C269 CGM969C272 CGM972C
261 CGM961C264 CGM964C267 CGM967C270 CGM970C 

ex-National Bus Company examples, 1973, all H38/32F
BE357LAH491Enew 1967ex-Eastern Counties, replacing BN357
BE358LBL850Enew 1967ex-Alder Valley, replacing BN358
BE359LBL851Enew 1967ex-Alder Valley, replacing BN359
BE360LBL849Enew 1967ex-Alder Valley, replacing BN360
BE361LBL852Enew 1967ex-Alder Valley, replacing BN361
BE362ONG362Fnew 1968ex-Eastern Counties, replacing BN362
BE363MNG347Enew 1967ex-Eastern Counties, replacing BN363
BE364MNG344Enew 1967ex-Eastern Counties, replacing BN364
BE365ONG360Fnew 1968ex-Eastern Counties, replacing BN365
BE366ONG364Fnew 1968ex-Eastern Counties, replacing BN366
BE367MAH492Enew 1967ex-Eastern Counties, replacing BN367
BE368KDL143Fnew 1967ex-Southern Vectis, replacing BN368
BE369MNG345Enew 1967ex-Eastern Counties, replacing BN369
BE370MNG343Enew 1967ex-Eastern Counties, replacing BN370
BE371MNG346Enew 1967ex-Eastern Counties, replacing BN371
BE372RHN945Fnew 1968ex-Northern General, replacing BN372
BE373ONG363Fnew 1968ex-Eastern Counties, replacing BN373
BE374ONG361Fnew 1968ex-Eastern Counties, replacing BN374
BE375RHN946Fnew 1968ex-United, replacing BN375
BE376RHN947Fnew 1968ex-United, replacing BN376

In this view, B177 seems to have paired up with Alexander-bodied Layland Titan PD1A L304, of 1949 vintage.

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